Re: New MS Mac Office and Unicode?

From: John Delacour (JD@BD8.COM)
Date: Wed Jan 14 2004 - 15:44:41 EST

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    At 11:44 am -0800 14/1/04, Peter Kirk wrote:

    >....But there is no sign or suggestion of major changes to the
    >rendering engine. All I see suggested is some minor changes around
    >the edges, perhaps to squeeze a few extra characters into the
    >existing charater sets, perhaps to include a few extra character

    At 11:02 am -0800 12/1/04, Deborah Goldsmith wrote:

    >I can now tell you that Mac Office 2004 does offer enhanced support
    >for Unicode, in that it can input, edit, and display Unicode
    >characters that are not part of any Mac OS legacy character set.

    I think you can take it that Deborah would not have written what she
    did if she had not reliable information that the applications in
    Office 2004 were _fully_ Unicode compatible. If you can input
    polytonic Greek and Lao from Unicode keyboard layouts, as she
    suggests you now can, since if one Unicode input is possible then so
    are all, then you can take it that your pessimism is totally

    I cannot imagine why she would have posted the above unless it were
    significant and you'd do best not to waste people's time speculating
    on a topic about which Deborah and others have solid information and
    you apparently have none.


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