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Date: Wed Jan 14 2004 - 22:20:38 EST

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    Mark Davis wrote at 3:43 PM on Wednesday, January 14, 2004:

    >The UTC is then responsible for making the final decisions. A proposal may go
    >back and forth several times before all the issues are resolved. Now,
    the fact
    >that we have respected UTC members as a part of that initiative makes this
    >process much, much smoother, since they will have been able to provide
    >information to the initiative as to the architectural trade-offs involved in
    >different models. Still, other UTC members may have concerns that are first
    >raised in the full committee meeting, and all members will need to have
    >background information on the alternative models so that they can make
    >informed decisions.

    Plus, it goes the other way. It is good, even necessary, for
    cuneiformists to be informed in this iterative process by input from a
    broad spectrum of Unicode specialists.

    >2. The Unicode list is an informal, open list for discussion. Certainly
    >can bring up any Unicode-connected topic (within certain broad limits of
    >on that list, but it is *not* connected with the decision-making process
    >of the
    >UTC. Thus any feedback received on the list is purely informal (and sometimes
    >random, based on the individual involved). An internal dispute within the
    >Initiative has little place on this list.

    Yes. That's why, other than responding to posts arising from the Unicode
    list itself, I have tried to pose to it only those issues (typically
    technical ones) which I thought could benefit from the feedback of a
    broader Unicode community than the few Unicodist experts on the Cuneiform
    list, capable though they be. And I am thankful for the feedback I have
    received so far; it has been helpful. I'm looking forward to more.


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