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Date: Thu Jan 15 2004 - 05:01:27 EST

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    >>RichEdit 4.1 (used in Windows XP SP1 WordPad and later) also have the toggle

    I am using Wordpad on Win2000 (SP4), and Word 2002.
    I found after rebooting that Alt-X now works on Wordpad, but not the reverse. According to Wordpad About, I am using 'Version 5 SP 4'.
    In a program of mine (Handfind in where I used RichEdit control, the reverse also fails.

    If Alt-X fails in Word, you need to check the assignment of shortcuts for Word commands, as follows:
    In Tools/Macros; select Word Commands; look for ListCommands, Click Run. This gives a list of commands and their shortcuts: look for 'Toggle Character Code'.
    The corresponding shortcut should be Alt-X, but if it has been reassigned for any reason, it has to be reset.

    Raymond Mercier
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    > WordPad on Windows 2000 and XP support Alt+x. Win95 and Win98 WordPads
    > don't, since they used earlier RichEdit's than version 3.0.
    > Version 3.0
    > doesn't have the toggle: Alt+x converts a hex code string to
    > the Unicode
    > character; Alt+X does the reverse. Word 2002 added the Alt+x facility

    > with the nice wrinkle of making it a toggle. Accordingly RichEdit 4.0
    > (used in Office 2002) and RichEdit 4.1 (used in Windows XP SP1 WordPad
    > and later) also have the toggle, as does RichEdit 5.0 shipped with
    > Office 2003.

              I'm sure he knew that - his fingers just forgot. ;-)


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