Re: Determine the Code Page of a UniChar

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Thu Jan 15 2004 - 05:40:42 EST

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    From: "Paramdeep Ahuja" <>
    > I am looking for a way to determine the Code Page of a char, on both Mac
    > Win, if we know the Unicode value of the character. Can anyone help me out
    > there??

    The same Unicode char may belong to many "code pages" on both Windows and
    Mac. Want do you want really?

    I think the appropriate question is "Does a unicode character U+XXXX belong
    to code page NNNN -- in fact a encoded charset ?".

    For this question look at the charset mapping tables (such as the main basic
    mappings found in the online Unicode database, or the extensive database in
    the ICU Charsets web site, or the Microsoft GlobalDev website, or other
    similar resources from vendors like IBM, HP-Compaq-Digital, Apple, Adobe,
    NEC, or some charsets mappings published as part of the IANA charset
    registration document...)

    Another good question is "To how many and which encoded charsets does a
    Unicode character belong?" Difficult answer, as there does not seem to exist
    an extensive and complete database of all charsets used in the world. What
    you'll be able to find is a collection of charsets (for example the
    collection of codepages supported and distributed in Windows XP/2002 retail
    version) against with this question has been replied.

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