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Date: Thu Jan 15 2004 - 16:20:52 EST

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    > >For Breton, I don't agree with you.
    > Do you not? The practice is rare, but is
    > sometimes used in placenames, as for instance,
    > "Inis gWenva" written. (Gosh, look. A fact.)
    > >Words starting by the trigraph letter <c'h> are rare in Breton
    > Like the pronoun "c'hwi" 'you" or the digit
    > "c'hwec'h" 'six'. (Wow. Another fact.)

    Look at this page to find why this happens:

    By "rare" I mean words without mutation of the leading consonnant.
    The same number above would be "kwec'h" without the mutation... Typical
    breton dictionnaries will list the word only at K, and not at C'H (in fact
    the prefered Breton sorting order generally orders C'H between K and L, and
    GW between W and X).

    Well I know little bribes of Breton, and only in one of the four main
    variants. These rules may not be true for all the four variants, and there
    are also several orthographic systems used for each of these 4 variants.
    Depending on the source, you'll find one orthographic system used by some
    Breton authors, and some other used by Breton out of Britanny (in US and
    Canada notably), and some other used by breton linguists working at the
    University of Rennes (Rhoazhon) or Quimper (Kemper).

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