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Date: Thu Jan 15 2004 - 16:53:10 EST

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    At 22:20 +0100 2004-01-15, Philippe Verdy wrote:

    >Look at this page to find why this happens:

    Perhaps I won't. I know about Breton mutation. See

    >By "rare" I mean words without mutation of the leading consonnant.
    >The same number above would be "kwec'h" without the mutation...

    This is incorrect. *kwec'h does not occur; neither does *kwi. In
    fact, no words in kw- occur.

    >Typical breton dictionnaries will list the word only at K, and not at C'H

    This is incorrect. For instance the 1200-page monolingual Breton
    dictionary published in 1995 gives them under C'H.

    >(in fact the prefered Breton sorting order generally orders C'H
    >between K and L, and GW between W and X).

    This is incorrect. Alphabetical order is
    A B C CH C'H D E F G H I J K L M N O P R S T U V W Y Z

    X does not occur. GW is not a letter of its own.

    The old alphabetical order was
    A B K D E F G H CH C'H I Y J L M N O P R S T U V W Z

    Sometimes, as in Kervella's _Yezhadur bras ar brezhoneg_, GW was
    separated out between G and H (where it would fall anyway).

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