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Date: Thu Jan 15 2004 - 20:20:11 EST

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    At 01:45 +0100 2004-01-16, Philippe Verdy wrote:

    > >In Irish, however, initial digraphs like "tS" and "hO" and "gC" *are* a
    > >standard part of the orthography, and constitute the normal capitalization
    > >convention: words beginning thus are capitalized on the second letter,
    > >not the first.
    >Interesting. I did not know that of Irish... And amazing. Is this convention
    >still respected by modern writers?

    Yes. Why wouldn't it be? It is normal Irish orthography.

    >I would have liked to see Michael exhibit this fact about Irish, a language
    >that he certainly better knows in his area of life.

    It was mentioned in my first post on this
    subject. I mentioned "an tSín". You mentioned it

    >It's a shame that Michael translated and
    >commented a French book about The Breton
    >Grammar, and did not see that the "gW" occurence
    >that he found in some other Breton books may
    >simply be a typo for the normal "Gw"
    >capitalization rule.

    That spelling has NOTHING whatsoever to do with
    my little book, which is a handy and useful
    reference grammar of Breton. It is still in print
    and available from me if anyone needs one. ;-)

    But this comment is just more "expert" rhetoric
    which isn't backed up by any expertise.
    Apparently it has been forgotten that not two
    hours ago Philippe made wildly incorrect claims
    about Breton alphabetical order, which I

    I have lost my interest in discussing with you, Philippe. Adieu. Bonne chance.

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