Re: Samaritan shan symbol

From: Mark E. Shoulson (
Date: Fri Jan 16 2004 - 15:54:02 EST

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    On 01/16/04 07:33, Peter Kirk wrote:

    > Michael, you seem to have written "shan" rather than "shin" twice
    > independently in the subject line, so presumably this is not a typo.
    > Do you actually hold that the letter is called "shan" rather than
    > "shin"? Do you have any evidence for this? Are you basing this on the
    > table at As this table looks
    > rather old, possibly copied from a 19th century book, it would be good
    > to check that these are the names in current use by the Samaritan
    > community.

    It occurs in "A Grammar of Samaritan Hebrew", Ze'ev Ben-Ḥayyimm (c) 2000.


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