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From: Marion Gunn (
Date: Sat Jan 17 2004 - 08:16:40 EST

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    Skol Diwan has for long been responsible for true Breton schools. If Eric
    or Philippe would care to e-mail <> privately, I should be
    happy to help (in my experience, total ignorance of a language is less
    harmful to our language movements than partial knowledge, and ignorance is
    always curable).
    O sent va bro, ma divallet!:-)

    Scríobh Eric Muller <> :
    >> And Skol Diwan.
    >These are indeed schools that teach Breton and other subjects in Breton,
    >but they are not public schools, in the sense of being run by the state.
    >There are "true" public schools that teach in Breton...

    >>Philippe Verdy:
    >>>I'd really like to know more about Breton, but the fact is that despite I am
    >>>a native Breton and live there in Britanny...

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