Re: Useful Breton links

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Sat Jan 17 2004 - 08:52:24 EST

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    At 13:16 +0000 2004-01-17, Marion Gunn wrote:
    >If Eric or Philippe would care to e-mail <> privately, I
    >should be happy to help (in my experience, total ignorance of a
    >language is less harmful to our language movements than partial
    >knowledge, and ignorance is always curable).

    In the interests of curing ignorance, perhaps I will take this
    opportunity, as I feel I must from time to time, to remind readers of
    this list to be very careful never to write to, which
    is an address which should have been disconnected at the end of
    September 2001, when the Everson departed from the organization which
    rents that address from its ISP.

    >O sent va bro, ma divallet!:-)

    Recte: "O sent va bro, va diwallit!"

    Michael Everson * * Everson Typography *  *

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