Re: devnagari presentation of certain ligature

From: John Hudson (
Date: Mon Jan 19 2004 - 15:45:29 EST

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    At 12:45 AM 1/19/2004, eMantra Information wrote:

    >When i type (U+0924) + (U+094D) + (U+0928) = I get [Conjunct ligature]
    >[This conjunct ligature] is not a popular form. where as popular form
    >is [half-form conjunct]. (Atleast in Marathi).


    >Why is this so? Can somebody elaborate more on this?

    [Please excuse loss of Devanagari characters above; embarassingly, I'm not
    using a Unicode mail app.]

    This is largely a font issue: some fonts will provide the conjunct ligature
    and treat it as the default rendering for that particular character
    sequence; other fonts will not include the ligature. In OpenType fonts, it
    is also possible to vary the default rendering according to a 'language
    system' tag, such that the rendering for Marathi might differ from that for
    Hindi; this feature of OpenType is not supported by any current
    applications, but will be in the future. It is possible that some fonts may
    already support the Marathi rendering that you desire, but that
    applications are only accessing the default language system rendering,
    which is more likely to be based on Hindi norms.

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