Re: Cuneiform Free Variation Selectors

From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Mon Jan 19 2004 - 16:47:54 EST

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    On 19/01/2004 12:08, Doug Ewell wrote:

    >Dean Snyder <dean dot snyder at jhu dot edu> wrote:
    >>But now that I know that it is already part of the model for some
    >>scripts in Unicode and is being considered for further use, as in Han
    >>and Hebrew,
    >Is it being considered for Han and Hebrew? I hadn't heard that before,
    >and I wonder if that wouldn't break the existing model for those
    I mentioned to Dean that this had been considered for Hebrew, but it was
    only briefly. For example, it was suggested for the apparently free
    variation between the different positions of meteg. But it proved
    inappropriate because VSs have the same problem as ZWNJ and ZWJ that
    they cannot occur within combining sequences. This restriction on ZWNJ
    and ZWJ is now likely to be lifted, it seems, and they were always more
    appropriate than VSs for this particular distinction. And so I think
    this idea is dead. VSs have also been suggested for indicating certain
    variant Hebrew glyphs, but this doesn't seem a good idea.

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