Reminder: open Public Review Issues

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Wed Jan 21 2004 - 21:03:26 EST

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    This is your friendly reminder that the February UTC meeting is quickly
    approaching. There are several public review issues open. So far, public
    comment has been light. I hope you have all been working diligently on your
    comments during the cold dark days of winter and are ready to spring them
    on us.

    Please point your browsers at if you
    wish to post your valuable feedback for UTC review. Mail list discussions
    are *not* automatically submitted to UTC.

    The public review issues are posted at

    1. The Unicode 4.0.1 beta period is still open. In addition to Unihan
    database updates, there are important proposed changes in UAX #9, #11, and
    #29. Of particular interest to some will be the proposed changes in UAX #9

    2. Public Review Issues #20 and #25 involve proposed draft or update UTRs
    upon which comment is sought.

    3. Important character property changes for a number of characters are
    proposed in issues #26 and #27. Please read the associated documents.

    If you need to submit documents beyond what the online feedback form can
    accommodate, please contact me off list.


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