Re: Collation charts out of date

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Sat Jan 31 2004 - 09:55:58 EST

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    At 03:22 -0800 2004-01-31, Peter Kirk wrote:

    >>Wrong. The math symbols are not used in words in plain text which
    >>are conventionally sorted. The Uralic Phonetic Alphabet letters
    >>certainly are.
    >Is the issue that fixing these weights is more bother than it's
    >worth, as Ken suggested? Or is it that these weights are actually
    >correct, because it is what is wanted by the users, the UPA
    >community (and for 11 of the which are in the IPA block, the IPA
    >community)? If the latter, I withdraw my objection. But I would want
    >to see some evidence that the phoneticians actually want these to be
    >sorted as separate letters at the top level.

    They are letters, not variants of other letters. See the UPA proposal

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