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From: Peter Constable (
Date: Tue Feb 03 2004 - 14:48:58 EST

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    Another addendum, re U+F18B (p. 13): it says "this character has been
    approved for addition to Unicode 4.0, though the code point has not yet
    been specified."

    I wrote that back in late summer of 2002, at which time the Finno-Ugaric
    proposal had been approved, but codepoints were still pending. I had
    initially mistaken this character, MODIFIER LETTER SMALL *REVERSED* OPEN
    E, for what was in that proposal and is now encoded as U+1D4C MODIFIER

    When I was updating the information with the codepoints after they had
    been fixed, I had by that time realized that our character was a
    REVERSED variant of open e while the one added in TUS 4 was a TURNED
    variant of open e. Thus, while I updated other entries to deprecate PUA
    characters that had been added to TUS4, I didn't make that change for
    this character. Unfortunately, I forgot to review what *had* been said
    about it and to make appropriate changes to the description.

    Peter Constable
    Globalization Infrastructure and Font Technologies
    Microsoft Windows Division

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