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Date: Tue Feb 03 2004 - 19:49:22 EST

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    On 03/02/2004 15:39, D. Starner wrote:

    >>So why not beh-ind, ah-ead, beeh-ive etc? Is there a good phonetic
    >As a native speaker of English, because it is. I might yell be (breath) hind
    >or be-f***ing-hind, never beh (breath) ind or beh-f***ing-hind. If I were
    >emphasizing my words, it might be a (pause) head, but never ah (pause) ead.
    >Beehive is a compound word, and would be pronounced as such.

    Personally, I would be more likely to yell si- (breath) -nging, not
    sing- (breath) -ing; although that may simply be because the breath
    works better after an open syllable. The same applies when I am singing:
    that word would be broken between notes as si-nging.

    It doesn't work to add that other word in this case because it already
    ends in ng; and anyway that word tends to go where there is a morpheme
    break, because it is a syntactical rather than a phonetic phenomenon.

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