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Date: Tue Feb 03 2004 - 20:03:35 EST

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    > Dean and others working with him prefer not to use transliteration. Why
    > should they be forced to?

    They aren't forced to. They are more than welcome to develop their own
    operating system or patch an existing one. Or they can wait until
    Unicode 5.0 with cuniform comes out. That doesn't mean that it will
    magically work right now.

    > Your allegation that it is a "because-I-can"
    > thing may well be totally unfounded.

    Instead of coming up with analogies, can you come up with some reasons
    why it would be rationally better to use cuniform rather then
    transliteration in filenames? It's easier to type transliteration,
    more reliable moving between systems, and more reliable in the same
    system, given that filenames aren't inherantly linked to one font.

    > From how I understand what Dean wrote, the issue is a very simple one.
    > What he wanted did work in Jaguar. It doesn't work in Panther. He is
    > unhappy about that.

    That's the type of attitude that drives people nuts. Try seeing the
    big picture. From what I understand, the issue is a very simple one.
    Apple broke a feature that was unreliable (by Dean's admission) in
    order to support another feature that's used much more often that
    could be made reliable. If Dean's unhappy with that, I'm sorry, but
    I don't think Apple's going to break their operating system to make
    his filenames work.

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