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From: Dean Snyder (
Date: Wed Feb 04 2004 - 19:42:46 EST

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    Deborah Goldsmith wrote at 1:20 PM on Wednesday, February 4, 2004:

    >On Feb 2, 2004, at 9:20 PM, Dean Snyder wrote:
    >> I hope Apple re-thinks this, because it makes PUA useless in plain
    >> text.
    >Doing font substitution on PUA code points was causing problems,
    >because we have found a lot of fonts have garbage entries in their
    >cmaps in the PUA, due to the implementation details of certain
    >font-editing applications (which use the PUA part of the cmap as a
    >"scratch" area).

    Did this cause real problems for users?

    >The system was basically picking a random font in many
    >cases. Rather than have a font substitution mechanism that picks a
    >random font, we disabled font substitution for PUA characters.

    But I suggest that that "randomness" can actually be controlled by users
    - by font installation or code point re-assignment.

    >I agree this causes problems for things like file names in the Finder,
    >but I worry whether that is an appropriate use of PUA characters. When
    >Cuneiform is encoded, all these file names will have to be reentered.

    I only use them locally and it's a trivial code snippet to automatically
    change them when cuneiform gets encoded, or even when going through
    different iterations of the repertoire as it approaches final status.

    By the way I only used the Finder file graphic because I thought it made
    a more dramatic picture. The real issue is in plain text content where I
    want to specify a monospaced font like Courier for Roman text and expect
    a proportional PUA cuneiform font for interspersed cuneiform. If I set
    the plain text file to the cuneiform font, I don't get to choose the font
    for Roman. See the attached image of an application I use to work on the
    cuneiform repertoire. It was much nicer when I could see the actual
    cuneiform signs in the sign column of the array ;-) And indeed, it's
    useless right now for some work.


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