Re: Panther PUA behavior

From: D. Starner (
Date: Thu Feb 05 2004 - 03:41:24 EST

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    > So you're saying PUA is only useful for rich or marked-up text?

    In any multi-person case, the codepoints in PUA can't be just moved on
    a whim, and many PUA users will have a wide array of fonts, including
    some with conflicting PUA coverage. Given those assumptions, PUA use
    can't work outside rich or marked-up text.

    > Plus I have only one PUA-based font installed on my computer.

    Then it works for you. But I doubt Apple is interested in a solution
    that has that constraint.
    > But even there, that
    > would seem to me to be a font vendor problem that should not dictate OS
    > policy.

    Would you be happy if Apple passed the buck here to font vendors or someone
    else? When you're writing a program that uses a file format with a bunch
    of not-quite-standard files out there, you have to conform to reality, not
    the standard. I'm not sure anything strictly says that junk in the PUA is
    wrong, though it's clearly sub-optimal.

    In any case, you're willing to work with a system where you could install
    Gentium and a bunch of cuniform characters became reversed Latin letters.
    I'm not sure that's a standard reliable enough that Apple is interested
    in working towards.

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