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From: Jon Hanna (
Date: Thu Feb 05 2004 - 19:46:06 EST

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    Quoting Ernest Cline <>:

    Pluto sign U+2647, so it may be worth considering
    > adding a separate character for the astrological Pluto to Unicode
    > instead of simply treating this a glyph variation.

    Is it used as a seperate character to U+2647? Otherwise how do you justify it
    a seperate character?

    I have myself seen it used to mean Primum Mobile in one astrological text (I'm
    pretty sure it was Crowley's Liber DXXXVI, but it predates the use of Pluto in
    astrology - indeed it was one of the first to tackle the subject of Uranus and
    Neptune). I haven't seen it used in this sense elsewhere, and without a case of
    it being used alongside another glyph for Pluto I would just consider them all
    to be glyph variants.

    Likewise the glyph variant for Uranus (I've only seen them used as such), the
    variant for Vesta (I'm not familiar with the variant) and for that matter the
    variant of U+2641 EARTH which is an encircled cross.

    I've no particularly strong opinions about the rest of your proposal (yet)
    except some alarm at the thought of were this could lead us (there are quite a
    few asteroids charted in some ephemerides as you say - as well as hypothetical
    planets and a few other features which individual astrologers have invented
    symbols for). Though it has made me think that it would be nice to gloss U+206A
    ASCENDING NODE with "Dragon's Head" and U+206B DESCENDING NODE with "Dragon's
    Tail", if only because the terms are so poetic.

    Jon Hanna
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