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Date: Fri Feb 06 2004 - 00:51:02 EST

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    on 2004-02-05 15:29 Ernest Cline wrote:

    > [1] centaur - an asteroid/comet with a perihelion located
    > between the orbits of Jupiter and Neptune whose orbit crosses
    > that of one or more of Saturn, Uranus, or Neptune. The first
    > known and largest of these objects is Chiron discovered 1977.
    > Observation has since shown that Chiron is a large
    > comet like body (150 - 200 km in diameter.)

    Pluto fits that definition.

    As to the proposal, as Michael might say, show examples from printed
    works, especially of the signs used in text.

    Are any of these also attested as classical symbols for the respective

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