Re: Character allocation

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Tue Feb 10 2004 - 13:03:57 EST

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    Asmus said:

    > The editors at one point had a draft allocation there and forgot that the hole
    > opened up when that allocation was withdrawn.

    Umm. Not really.

    > For that reason alone, and for no other, it might be worthwhile to ask WG2 to
    > move that character and close the 0300 block.

    Everyone seems to have forgotten that we have the pending
    COMBINING RIGHT DOT ABOVE, which is poised to plunk down into
    U+0358. That isn't officially accepted yet by the UTC, pending
    the dialogue between TCA and China regarding the status of
    that character. But it is almost certain to be approved by
    WG2 in June and U+0358 is the likely allocation for it.

    There is no reason to complicate the situation by attempting
    to move the allocation for 1DC2 COMBINING SNAKE BELOW and then
    plopping COMBINING RIGHT DOT ABOVE into 1DC2 instead. :-)


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