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Date: Tue Feb 17 2004 - 20:07:40 EST

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    At 16:56 -0800 2004-02-17, Peter Kirk wrote:

    >Unicode started with a small and apparently closed set of
    >superscript Latin letters. This set has now grown to include all or
    >almost all of the basic Latin alphabet, as well as a good number of
    >capital letters, Greek letters and non-basic Latin letters, many of
    >them in the Phonetic Extensions block. The way in which these have
    >been added piecemeal means that they are non-contiguous and

    There's no fixing that now. Deal with it.

    >My point in intervening on this topic is to suggest that more
    >forethought is given to subscript letters, by allocating a
    >contiguous block into which they can all be fitted so that they can
    >all be used without having to be justified individually.

    But we don't do that.

    >Alternatively, let's leave all subscripting to markup.

    Not this kind of subscripting, and we already have subscript characters.

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