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Date: Tue Feb 17 2004 - 23:15:28 EST

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    > From: Kenneth Whistler <>
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    > > It is too late for that, Ken. Sorry. Indo-Europeanists have
    > > requirements just as real as Uralicists did. And having some
    > > subscripts available but not the rest isn't acceptable. Why would
    > > it be?
    > Because the concept of "the rest" is ill-defined.

    Actually it is, "the rest" equals "the Professor and Mary Ann". :)

    I think Unicode would have been better served had it just adopted
    subscript and superscript modifiers, but it probably is too late to
    go to that model.

    Given the existing letters subscript i and subscript u, I can't see
    any particular reason to be against subscript a, e, or o
    based on the examples given here. Subscript x and / are
    somewhat more problematic for different reasons.

    The subscript x could be interpreted as a variable indicated by
    markup rather than as a distinct letter. I'd really like to see an
    example of its use where the character it is modifying is presented
    in a plain font instead of an italic font, so as to be able to better
    judge whether it is being used as variable (which should use markup)
    or as a modifier letter (in which case character allocation is warranted.

    Given the inability of the subscript / to stand alone, I'd also like to see
    more documentation of it, especially documentation that shows
    that its usage is fairly standard within the Indo-Europeanist community.
    Based on the two given examples, I have to wonder if those particular
    authors didn't just create the notation on the fly, given that one example
    shows parenthesis around the pair and the other doesn't.

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