Re: Devanagari Letter Short A

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Wed Feb 18 2004 - 10:54:50 EST

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    Philippe Verdy va escriure:
    > U+0904 DEVANAGARI LETTER SHORT A is used only for the case of an
    > independant vowel. It can be "viewed" as a conjunct of the
    > independant vowel U+0905 DEVANAGARI LETTER A and the dependant
    > vowel sign U+0946 DEVANAGARI VOWEL SIGN SHORT E (noted "for
    > transcribing Dravidian vowels" in the Unicode charts).

    You may regard it this way, but that is not so.
    U+0905 followed by U+0946 is really U+090E. Compare with the other
    scripts to understand why.

    > I don't know why this is not documented, because I can find various
    > sources that use <U+0904> or <U+0905,U+0946> which have exactly the
    > same rendering and probably the same meaning and usage.

    Whow! You have various sources that use a character added to Unicode
    about 2 years and half ago! Impressionnant!

    About the rendering of <U+0905,U+0946>, since it violates the usual
    rules, it is up to your system. Mine does not render it properly,
    though (unless I cheat).

    > I think that U+0946 was added in ISCII 1991 but was absent from ISCII
    > 1988

    No. It was there even in ISCII 83.

    > (I think it's too late to define it: ISCII 1988 has been used
    > consistently before,

    Hmmmm... I have really no evidence that ISCII 1988 was used at all...
    Would be happy to find one, though...


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