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Date: Wed Feb 18 2004 - 18:22:03 EST

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    At 15:02 -0800 2004-02-18, Peter Constable wrote:

    >- What is the potential that later on someone
    >will start using h[a~e], or perhaps h[aŮe]!
    >(say, to indicate an a-coloured laryngeal that
    >in a certain context has become e-coloured)?

    Of course such a question cannot be answered.
    There are billions of people on our planet.

    >- If such usage should arise, how would our
    >decision to encode [/] affect how we decide
    >about [] or [Ů]?

    Ignores that parentheses and hyphens are already encoded as subscripts.

    >The point is, we don't (or, at least, shouldn't)
    >just encode things because we saw them being
    >used. We should establish principles (however
    >formally or informally stated) that we use to
    >guide our decisions. *That* is why Ken cares
    >about a possible subscript tilde.

    The boundary is what people need to encode, not
    whether it fits in with one particular linguist's
    view of what merits veto.

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