Codes for Individual Chinese Brushstrokes

Date: Thu Feb 19 2004 - 15:14:40 EST

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    Hi All:

        Are there codes available for each standard individual
    Chinese brushstroke?

        I have been unable to determine whether there are codes
    available for individual Chinese brushstrokes. I think that
    some individual brushstrokes have codes in the published
    Unicode scheme, but not all.

        For a reference to a general categorization of standard
    brushstrokes, please visit (I have
    no relationship to the site.) It lists eight standard
    categories of brushstrokes (dot, dash, perpendicular
    downstroke, downstroke to the left, wavelike stroke, hook,
    upstroke to the right, and bend or twist). For each of
    these 8 categories, it lists 8 subtypes of brushstrokes.

        (Apologies if you have already received this. I sent a
    similar email a few weeks ago. I did not receive any
    replies. I think the email did not get sent.)

       Many thanks in advance for your attention.

    Best regards,

    Tim Higginson

    Timothy B. Higginson
    (847) 962-1623

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