RE: Filenames with non-Ascii characters

From: Dipti Srivastava (dipti.srivastava@Remedy.COM)
Date: Mon Feb 23 2004 - 22:05:30 EST

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    What if the filename contains contains Japanese characters e.g. the Japanese
    file separator.

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    Dipti Srivastava asked:

    > If I set my LC_TYPE to en_US.UTF8 do I need to convert the non-Ascii
    > characters like
    > '\' in the filename for functions like open, etc.

    '\' *is* an ASCII character. 0x5C in ASCII to be exact. It is
    also 0x5C in UTF-8, so no (other) conversion is required.

    UTF-8 is designed so that all ASCII characters (0x00..0x7F) have
    exactly the same values in UTF-8. This is precisely so that
    existing protocols and library functions will continue to work correctly
    with it for all ASCII character values.


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