Coptic Standard Character Code

From: Ernest Cline (
Date: Tue Feb 24 2004 - 19:56:26 EST

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    I came across this standard at
    It appears to be standard that aims to make it possible
    to represent Coptic with a standard 101 key keyboard
    without having to do anything other than specify the font.
    The standard is being promoted by the Coptic Church,
    but in a way that might have escaped notice, since it
    seems to be going totally outside the usual standard
    making mechanism.

    There is nothing here that contradicts the Coptic characters
    already in the pipeline, but it has a number of very poorly
    documented characters in the range x81-xF8, that are
    consistent among the sample fonts that are provided.
    Besides providing some symbols that were displaced
    by putting the Coptic letters in the low eight rows, there
    are five ligated symbols similar to khi ro, and a sequence
    of 29 characters that I am guessing are supposed to be
    Demotic are encoded, but none of the characters above
    x7E are documented by anything other than a sample glyph.

    Assuming my interpretation is correct, there is no need
    to delay adding the proposed Coptic block, as the
    non-Demotic characters in that standard would fit into
    the Coptic block quite comfortably. However, the sooner
    that the other symbols can be added to Unicode, the
    sooner this quasi-standard can be forgotten. (Except
    for having to deal with legacy data, of course.)

    I have no expertise in this area, and came across this
    by accident, so I cannot do anything further with this
    than what I have done, which is bring it to the attention
    of this list.

    Ernest Cline

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