RE: New Public Review Issue

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Tue Feb 24 2004 - 22:57:41 EST

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    At 12:11 PM 2/24/2004, Kenneth Whistler wrote:
    >Think of variation selection as being more appropriate when
    >what we are talking about are for most purposes simply
    >*free variants* for presentation -- either is equally correct
    >to most people under most circumstances -- but where for
    >particular presentation purposes someone wishes to choose
    >out a precise variant and have indication of that usage
    >reside in the text stream itself. (And even then, this is
    >only used in extreme circumstances when failure to have such
    >a mechanism available is causing a mapping problem or similar
    >issue which threatens to become a character *encoding* problem
    >for the committees.)

    This is *not* the case for the Mongolian FVS, by the way, one
    of the reasons that we didn't use generic Variation selectors
    for that script.

    I'm not(!) advocating a Bengali FVS, but adding such a beast would
    in theory overcome Ken's objection about ignorability of variation
    selectors, as it could have documented behavior that's not generic.

    However, that's got to be about the second least attractive option
    imaginable. (Leaving the slot for truly least attractive option
    open here for some as-yet-undiscovered monstrosity ;-)


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