RE: New Public Review Issue

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Tue Feb 24 2004 - 23:13:52 EST

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    > I'm not(!) advocating a Bengali FVS, but adding such a beast would
    > in theory overcome Ken's objection about ignorability of variation
    > selectors, as it could have documented behavior that's not generic.
    > However, that's got to be about the second least attractive option
    > imaginable. (Leaving the slot for truly least attractive option
    > open here for some as-yet-undiscovered monstrosity ;-)


    A combining mark, which only applies to a TA baseform, and
    which has the effect of reshaping the TA into a khanda-ta
    form. How's that for an alternative?

    --Ken ;-)

    Or, if you don't like that, we could have khanda-ta represented
    by the sequence of Latin letters, <k,h,a,n,d,a,-,t,a> and
    have the rendering engines and fonts remap that sequence
    to the appropriate glyph.

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