Re: Battles lost before they begin?

From: Chris Jacobs (
Date: Sun Mar 14 2004 - 01:49:15 EST

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    > The project came to my attention in late December 2002 but was apparently
    > well enough committed already to designing its own font. My suggestion to
    > consider Unicode didn't change anything. The result is something that you
    > need to download a special font for and that is incompatible with
    > documents
    > in Unicode (so that, for instance, a Yoruba word in a Unicode document
    > couldn't be copied & pasted into the search window). There is some more
    > discussion on this at .

    And also:

    "For example, on my computer & browser, if I take the Yoruba word for horse,
    ẹṣin composed with the standard Unicode characters you see here to paste in
    the search window, I will not get a result. The same word correctly spelled
    in their 8-bit font shows up in the search window as æÿin but it works."

    It is easier to get the input for the search window from the unicode if you
    work with decomposed chars.
    The search window accepts the non-conformant decomposed chars described at

    If you have the text in UniPad try the following:

    Edit Convert Decompose Combinations, and then
    Search Replace Text to find: "\u0323" Replace with: ";." Replace All

    For ẹṣin this yields e;.s;.in which you can insert in the search window too.

    Since the input for the search window already does not have to be the font
    codes a non-conformant font is not as bad as it first seemed.
    I think it should be not that hard to change the search window to let it
    accept unicode too.

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