Re: Battles lost before they begin?

Date: Sun Mar 14 2004 - 06:56:26 EST

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    Chris Jacobs wrote,

    > If you have the text in UniPad try the following:
    > Edit Convert Decompose Combinations, and then
    > Search Replace Text to find: "\u0323" Replace with: ";." Replace All

    Or "\u0329", depending on which diacritic was used in the source.

    Also, since the mark below can appear along with a combining grave
    or acute, those decompositions would have to be considered in the
    search and replace operations.

    > Since the input for the search window already does not have to be the font
    > codes a non-conformant font is not as bad as it first seemed.
    > I think it should be not that hard to change the search window to let it
    > accept unicode too.

    Perhaps they've chosen their custom encoding in order to side-step the
    mark-below issue. As you say, it shouldn't be hard to enable Unicode
    in their search window. And, once an agreement within the user community
    is reached on the mark below, it shouldn't be that hard to convert their
    entire web site and database to Unicode, too!

    Best regards,

    James Kass

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