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From: Jon Hanna (
Date: Fri Mar 19 2004 - 05:27:25 EST

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    > > The letter "" is the long form of "i". It is encoded
    > > 0069 0301 (or its equivalent 00E9). It would also
    > > be a spelling error to encode "" with 0131.
    > >
    > > Those are the facts. It is not a matter for dispute.
    > I'm sorry. I do not acknowledge the ISO's authority to dictate "spelling"
    > norms.
    > Like all linguistic behavior, correct spelling is a matter of usage.

    Indeed. If the Irish alphabet had been influenced by the distinction that
    between dotted and dotless i that exists in Turkic languages then you would
    have a point (and in certain circumstances so would the Irish i).

    Whether an Irish person writes an i without a dot, an English person writes it
    with a dot, or a 12 year old girl penning a valentine card writes it with a
    heart it is still the letter i.

    Jon Hanna
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