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Date: Fri Mar 19 2004 - 05:26:15 EST

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    Although the popular misconception exists that anarchy actually implies
    the breaking of all rules, this is actually not the case. "Anarchy" is
    just a system of goverment - like "monarchy", "matriarchy", "oligarchy"
    and other "-archies". Anarchy is simply a system of government in which
    there is no government. This does not (necessarily) imply no laws -
    there are democratic ways that laws could be established and changed
    without requiring a government. Though not an anarchist myself, I see no
    reason to assume that an anarchic society MUST be hateful or violent,
    and also no reason why adherents of such a philosophy should not be able
    to organise sufficiently to agree on standardizing the use of a
    character. It seems to me that quips such as those below are
    detrimental, and irrelevant to issues of character encoding.

    Arcane Jill

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    > Gentlemen,
    > I think we are missing some important questions here. First:
    > Why is an Anarchist asking to standardize something?

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