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From: Marco Cimarosti (
Date: Fri Mar 19 2004 - 05:34:28 EST

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    Jon Wilson wrote:
    > I disagree that the anarchy symbol is not a character used in the
    > representation of words. I can write a word beginning with "A" with
    > either a simple LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A, or with an Anarchy symbol, or
    > with an existing CIRCLED LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A.

    You can also write an "M" using the Macdonald logo (I have seen it on actual
    Macdonald's advertising), or an "I" using a jumping table lamp (I have seen
    it in a cartoon by Pixar).

    But we don't need to allocate Unicode code points for the Macdonald logo or
    for a jumping table lamp, do we?

    Such things are not independent letters, but just graphic variations of the
    ordinary letters "A", "M", "I", made with the purpose of adding some kind of
    overtone (ideological, commercial, humoristic).

    > I also disagree that the Anarchy symbol has no use within a
    > text. I do not doubt that I can find examples of published
    > texts where the anarchy symbol is used throughout. Beware of
    > saying "that isn't real text" just because the character
    > isn't currently in Unicode. The code should represent usage,
    > not the other way round. I understand that finding such
    > text is probably crucial to a successful application.

    Yes, I think that this is THE very point that you have to demonstrate before
    filing your proposal. And I bet that the success of your proposal will
    depend almost entirely on how good this demonstration is.

    The point is not so much to demonstrate that the symbol exists (that's quite
    obvious: we've all seen it), or that it is unique (that's quite obvious too,
    IMHO: it is both graphically and semantically different from the current
    Unicode circled A): the point is to demonstrate that it is *TEXT*, i.e. that
    some piece of text could not be encoded without it.

    I am a subscriber of at least two anarchist magazines (printed on *paper*,
    so Unicode digital encodings are not at issue here), and I don't recall
    having ever seen an "anarchy" symbol used *within* the body text of these
    magazines. For sure, the symbol is ubiquitous *near* the text: it is used as
    a logo on the magazines' title or in third party's advertising; it is used
    as typographic decoration; it appears on the flags in the photos of rallies
    and demonstrations... But, as far as I can recall, it is never uses as part
    of a sentence.

    Of course, knowing about your proposal, I will look with doubled attention
    all next issues, and I will send you any specimen of the symbol used as
    text. But I am quite skeptical.

    _ Mâ’¶rco

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