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Date: Wed Mar 24 2004 - 16:05:26 EST

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    On 24/03/2004 12:10, Ernest Cline wrote:

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    >Actually, from what sources I've seen, while the Philippine scripts were
    >sometimes written as if they were bottom to top when using materials
    >other than paper, it was always read left to right. It was a case of it
    >being more convenient with the materials used to write it bottom to top,
    >but it was never intended to be read that way.
    Some people write Latin script more or less bottom to top with lines
    left to right. But it is not normally read like that, unless perhaps you
    are reading over someone else's shoulder. Direction of handwriting is
    hardly relevant to Unicode as Unicode rendering is not actual
    handwriting. What is relevant is the normal expected direction of reading.

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