Re: Printing and Displaying Dependent Vowels

From: John Hudson (
Date: Sat Mar 27 2004 - 20:17:41 EST

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    > So, if the question is how to make an OpenType font *not* display the dotted
    > circle on Windows with Uniscribe, one idea would be to add a spacing glyph to
    > U+25CC (DOTTED CIRCLE) in the font. This spacing glyph should be a no-contour
    > glyph, perhaps with the same advance width as U+0020. I've not tried this,
    > but it might just work.

    It should work: Uniscribe inserts the U+25CC glyph that is in the font, so this could be
    something other than an actual dotted circle. Another option would be to map the dotted
    circle to a non-contour spacing glyph in one of the discretionary OpenType Layout features
    such as <salt>, which would allow users of apps supporting that feature (currently only
    InDesign ME, so far as I know) to choose whether or not to display the circle.

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