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From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Mon Mar 29 2004 - 08:51:56 EST

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    From: "John Cowan" <>
    > Arcane Jill scripsit:
    > > > being more used to the European practice of
    > > > banning certain ideas.
    > >
    > > Eh? Could you elaborate?
    > > Arcane Jill, posting from Europe and completely unaware of this "banning
    > > certain ideas" concept of which you speak.
    > It's illegal to advocate Nazism in Germany; in the U.S., you can do it
    > as much as you like,

    Can nazism be considered an idea to advocate? Thanks it is also illegal here in
    France too.
    And it's not illegal to speak using this word, just to be able to describe what
    it is, what it means, and to advocate against it.

    > but if you say certain words with sexual denotations
    > on the radio or TV, you find yourself in trouble. (On the other hand,
    > you can print almost anything.)

    In Europe there is now no such legal taboo on words with sexual denotation (even
    in the countries with strong religious conservatism such as Ireland and Poland).
    The only thing that is important is that you can use them freely provided that
    your correspondant agrees with you on that subject. On radios, and even now on
    TV, given the wide choice of offers, and the technical solutions used to protect
    children, and some charter which repsonsabilize the broadcasters, all subjects
    can be discussed.

    There's no such subject which is illegal, they must just be confined in areas or
    hours where it is easier to protect children or persons with disabilities.
    You'll find various porn papers in every library open to the public, included
    children, but they must not be exposed directly to children: they must be packed
    and not stored on the lower layers, so that children cannot take it easily.

    For adults, that have the capacity to choose themselves, there's no restriction
    here, and everybody cannot be threatened due to his personnale sexual life,
    including at job, provided that this is between capable adults, and nobody is
    forced to assist to it. This is an area reserved for the intimate personal life,
    and this requires the protection of this right by law, rather than arbitrary
    limitation. Then every one is acting reponsibly here.

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