RE: What is the principle?

From: D. Starner (
Date: Wed Mar 31 2004 - 17:05:01 EST

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    "Mike Ayers" <> writes:
    > Support? ROFL! Call up one of those companies and tell them that
    > you are having trouble displaying PUA fonts, eastern or otherwise. I'd like
    > to snoop on that call.
    Apple seemed pretty concerned about displaying PUA fonts on Mac OS X
    recently on this mail list. Personally, I doubt if I could get Microsoft
    to care if Windows or Word was causing my monitor to spin around and
    spit out pea soup, but if, say, Xerox was having trouble displaying the
    correct spelling of its directors' names and mentioned that they might
    have to go to Open Office for this, I'm sure Microsoft would find it
    quite important. It has nothing to do with the PUA; it has to do with
    whose complaining and how much weight they carry.
    > > >This is the kind of stuff the UTC refuses to start up by trying
    > > >to provide some subdivision of semantics in the PUA. *That* is
    > > >the principle, by the way, which guides the UTC position on
    > > >the PUA: Use at your own risk, by private agreement.
    > ..."and quit bothering us about it." That's gotta be in there
    > somewhere. If not, I have an amendment to propose.
    Why don't we add that note to other blocks? It'd be so much easier
    if we could just tell the people using, say, the Hebrew block that
    we've thrown something together for you, don't bother us if it doesn't
    work. Surely Unicode didn't waste two planes for something that
    no one can practically use.

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