Re[2]: Fixed Width Spaces (was: Printing and Displaying DependentVowels)

From: Alexander Savenkov (
Date: Fri Apr 02 2004 - 14:35:00 EST

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    sorry for the late response.

    2004-04-01T03:47:40+03:00 Kenneth Whistler <> wrote:

    > Other possible approaches that any industrial-strength
    > typesetting program ought to provide:


    > The point is that looking to encode a special character in
    > Unicode for every distinct visual effect in typesetting is
    > not necessarily the first, best solution to settle on. It
    > might not even be seventh or eighth best on the possible
    > list of alternative approaches to solve the problem.

    Why not? I think Peter needs a good book on typesetting to find out
    what is inserted inserted between "Louis" and "XIV". In this case IIRC
    there should be the following sequence: Louis,ZWNBSP,SP,ZWNBSP,XIV.


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