Re: Line Break class of U+FE51 Small Ideographic Comma

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Fri Apr 02 2004 - 15:34:41 EST

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    Ernest Cline noted:

    > Given that U+3001 IDEOGRAPHIC COMMA
    > and U+FE50 SMALL COMMA
    > are both of Line Break class CL, wouldn't it make sense for
    > to also be of class CL instead of class ID?

    Perhaps. But it is unclear that it would make any difference
    to anything.

    The "small" form variant characters in FE50..FE6F were
    added as round-trip compatibility characters with Chinese
    DBCS character sets, primarily CNS 11463 and Big 5 (CP 950).
    It is unclear what their actual typographic status is, and
    some of them may simply have been errors on the original
    compilations. Or some of them may have been added to
    represent the occasional practice in traditional Chinese
    text of setting punctuation in the margins of lines in
    vertical text, instead of inline.

    In any case, I doubt there is much active use of the small
    form variant characters in contexts where their line-breaking
    behavior would be of importance. Any usage such as in
    marginal punctuation would require a higher-level protocol
    for line layout which would not be doing default breaking,

    But by all means, make the proposal to the UTC if fixing this
    inconsistency seems important and there is some argument to
    be made for it.


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