Re: New Currency sign in Unicode

Date: Fri Apr 02 2004 - 15:55:46 EST

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    Kenneth Whistler scripsit:
    > Rick said:

    > > [...] I would tend to think that that what we have
    > > is just a set of variations on the ordinary "cent sign", and any number of
    > > variant glyphs can be used. [...]
    > I draw a somewhat different conclusion.

    But why? You don't provide any argument against unifying cedi and cent.

    > The evidence presented in the stamps is at least as good as the
    > evidence we used to encode the guarani sign and the austral sign,
    > and I don't see a good case here for unification with U+20A1 COLON SIGN.

    But neither guarani nor austral had a plausible Sc equivalent that it
    could be unified with, did it?

    I agree that the range of cedis doesn't seem to include anything like
    COLON SIGN, which is pretty specific.

    > Graphic constructions involving ordinary letters with combining overlays
    > might appear acceptable, but would end up with the wrong properties.


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