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Date: Fri Apr 02 2004 - 21:14:56 EST

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    On 2004.04.02, 19:10, Rick McGowan <> wrote:

    > We also learn from the "bird stamps" web site cited later that the
    > government of Ghana

    Do not suppose that the governments of "small" countries are
    intimately envolved in the production of their own postage stamps.

    Usually these stamps are made (designed and printed) under a broad
    term license by some or other stamp issuing company based in North
    America or Europe and 99% of the stamps go straight into the hands of

    Glaring mistakes and even incredible diplomatic _faux pas_ are well
    known in this area.

    > So, I don't know... is this "cedi sign" a unique beast, or is it
    > just some set of variations on the ordinary "cent sign"? Since the
    > government of Ghana can't agree on a single representation (or even
    > two representations in their collection of stamps,

    One could say the same about the double struck "$", the famous yen vs.
    yuan question, or the pound vs. lira issue.

    There is a lot of free code points, no need to be jealous of them. If
    there is case for encoding (which, ISTK, must be substantiated with
    more than a couple of minutes surfing the web), then do encode.

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