Re: New Currency sign in Unicode

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Fri Apr 02 2004 - 13:10:10 EST

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    Asmus wrote:

    > Unfortunately in case of any proposed characters, web-sites can be
    > used as evidence only in a very limited way. [ ... ]
    > So what we learn from this site, is -unsurprisingly- that the cent
    > sign can be used as a fallback.

    Yes, precisely, unless they have *pictures* of the things in question, not
    *text* that might be encoded and/or rendered with a fallback.

    We also learn from the "bird stamps" web site cited later that the
    government of Ghana is extremely inconsistent about their images and usage
    of their own currency sign. I.e., they apparently don't have a standard for

    So, I don't know... is this "cedi sign" a unique beast, or is it just some
    set of variations on the ordinary "cent sign"? Since the government of
    Ghana can't agree on a single representation (or even two representations
    in their collection of stamps, I would tend to think that that what we have
    is just a set of variations on the ordinary "cent sign", and any number of
    variant glyphs can be used.

    But if someone can point to a Ghana government standard, decree, design
    recommendation, or similar official document, then we could talk about
    encoding something new.


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