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Date: Tue Apr 06 2004 - 06:55:14 EDT

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    On 05/04/2004 17:07, Mike Ayers wrote:

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    > > Mike's nonsencical
    > > statements that all legal texts are necessarily highly marked up.
    > Now I'm certain that you are trolling. I made no such statement.

    Well, no, but you did twice suggest that plain text would not be used
    for legal documents. And by using "Unicode" and "e-mail" you clearly
    implied that you were talking about cyberspace documents rather than
    printed ones.

    > I did, however, possibly miss a word. "plain text Unicode"
    > should be "printed plain text Unicode", as the width of a space is
    > basically meaningless in cyberspace, but I thought that to be self
    > evident.

    Far from self-evident. The amended form of your statement is meaningless
    and self-contradictory, because Unicode is meaningful only in cyberspace
    and not to printred documents. Also there was no hint that you were
    referring to printed documents and a clear reference to e-mail. So of
    course I took you to mean what made sense in the context.

    The width of a space is not meaningless in cyberspace. The Unicode
    standard specifies clearly several things about its width. That width
    becomes something real only when the text is displayed on a screen or
    printed. But something which is not yet realised is not thereby meaningless.

    So, are you asking for "evidence that plain text is even being
    considered for use" in PRINTED legal documents, rather than ones in
    cyberspace? If that is what you want, I will send you a scan of a
    letting contract for my house, which, although clearly computer
    generated in 1997, uses plain text with a monospace font.

    Peter Kirk (personal) (work)

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