RE: Newbie questions: 1) Surrogates in WinXP? 2) Unicode in PostScript?

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Wed Apr 07 2004 - 03:52:00 EDT

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    There's some discussion of support for supplementary-plane characters in
    WinXP at
    There are also slide decks from some relevant presentations at

    > Worse, most 3rd party win32 apps that process strings either treat
    > as arrays of wchars or use CharNext/CharPrev, which don't allow for
    > surrogates. But the good news is that the .net libs do seem to allow
    > surrogates and combining chars right in the string class -- which
    > us dangerously close to relatively hassle-free use of multi language
    > text!

    Yes, Win32 APIs were designed many years ago and generally assume a
    UCS-2 (i.e. plane 0 only) view of things. The WM_UNICHAR message was a
    later addition to Win32, and it passed a UTF-32 codepoint, though not
    many input methods generate that message.

    In the the .Net Framework, the string class (System namespace) and the
    System.Globalization and System.Text namespaces *are* designed to be
    aware of supplementary plane characters.

    For details, see the relevant portion of MSDN Library:

    There's also relevant sample code at

    Peter Constable

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