Re: CJK U+3ADA and U+66F6

From: John Jenkins (
Date: Thu Apr 08 2004 - 18:05:24 EDT

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    On Apr 8, 2004, at 1:03 PM, wrote:

    > Is there a difference between U+66F6 and U+3ADA?
    > The newest UNIHAN.TXT file doesn't have a definition field for
    > U+66F6. The glyphs in the Unicode 4.0 book appear identical
    > for these two characters. One is placed with radical 72, the
    > other with radical 73, although UNIHAN.TXT gives both as
    > having radical 73.
    > U+3ADA kIRGKangXi 0502.080
    > U+66F6 kKangXi 0502.080

    This is all rather muddled, and I'm afraid that the IRG isn't helping

    There are two characters involved, one with the "sun" radical and one
    with the "speech" radical. The former means "early morning, daylight"
    and is a variant of U+6612. The latter has the speech radical and
    means various things (it's a unit of measure, the name of a famous
    sword, and so on).

    The clear intention was for U+66F6 to be the latter and U+3ADA the
    former, but because the two characters basically look exactly the same,
    things have gotten rather mixed up. (It doesn't help that they're also
    pronounced the same in Mandarin.) E.g., the IRG has assigned U+3ADA
    the Hanyu Da Zidian and KangXi indices of the latter, and U+66F6 the
    indices of the former. I'll obviously have to take up an action item
    to see that this gets straightened out.

    John H. Jenkins

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