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From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Fri Apr 16 2004 - 04:40:44 EDT

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    On 15/04/2004 18:16, Philippe Verdy wrote:

    > ...
    >The Catalan middle-dot is a plain orthographic letter and should be treated as
    >such, and not by borrowing a punctuation sign or symbol which may have other
    >conflicting uses. What I suggested is that the general category, despite its
    >weak definition, is still a good indicator of which character to use.
    >So U+2027 (as well as the U+013F middle-dot found in ISO-8859-1/15) is not the
    >exact character to represent this middle dot in all usages, ...

    Philippe, before jumping to this conclusion, please can you describe to
    me EXACTLY how the shape and behaviour of the Catalan middle dot differs
    from the behaviour of U+2027 defined in Unicode Standard Annex #14,

    > 2027
    > A hyphenation point is a raised dot, which is used primarily to
    > visibly indicate syllabification of words. Syllable breaks are
    > potential line break opportunities in the middle of words. It is
    > mainly used in dictionaries and similar works. When an actual line
    > break falls inside a word containing hyphenation point characters, the
    > hyphenation point is rendered as a regular hyphen at the end of the line.

    Please don't waste our time with further discussion of how various
    dictionaries indicate syllable breaks, especially when they don't use
    U+2027 at all, but rather a vertical line i.e. a quite different character.

     From the descriptions which you and Anto'nio have provided and from, it seems to me
    that the Catalan behaviour is exactly as described for U+2027 in USA
    #14, perhaps because the Catalan usage has been borrowed from dictionary
    usage or vice versa. This strongly suggests that U+2027 is the
    appropriate character for Catalan.

    Peter Kirk (personal) (work)

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