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Date: Sat Apr 17 2004 - 06:18:33 EDT

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    In my view ano teleia should have the size and position of the upper dot
    of the ":" glyph. Am I correct?

    Alexandros Diamantidis wrote:

    >* Asmus Freytag <> [2004-04-16 11:28]:
    >>weight. (See attached sample). If data is normalized, the appearance of ano
    >>teleia will change (since 0387 will change into 00B7) and users will be
    >Yes, I know - I've seen professionally published magazines with the
    >wrong ano teleia glyph, bigger and lower than it should be. It was
    >probably not even caused by normalization - I think most Greek keyboards
    >produce 00B7 and not 0387.
    >Since language-dependend glyph selection isn't very widespread for now,
    >would it be too much to ask font designers to put a MIDDLE DOT glyph
    >appropriate for Greek in fonts capable of displaying Greek text?
    >That's a just a wish, BTW - I don't expect designers to do what I say
    >just because I sent a message in a mailing list ;-)

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